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(My Way Series, #1)
Whose parents abandon them in a trashy trailer when they are five years old? Oh Yeah! Mine do!
Hey Hoochies! I’m Milly, and I am tired of taking kicks to the gut. A broken family, an asshole husband and the loss of loved ones have left me crying Uncle, and declaring a serious case of the Fuck-Its! 
I had my heart broken, stomped on and shattered before I ever started on my journey to find my little piece of happiness. With a bucket list, a ’66 Ford and wild dreams, I set out on an adventure that changed my life forever. 
I found Cree… 
A pirate with a little princess and they swept me off my ever lovin’ feet, filling my world with sprinkles, mac n’ cheese and the courage to live again. 
They forced my fragile heart to trust and love without fear. 

But the truth is, nobody’s past stays hidden forever. It’s an invisible monster waiting to attack and destroy. It has the capability to ruin everything you’ve worked to set right. 

All it takes is one final blow to the gut to end everything…
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Cree shows up for his morning coffee like clockwork. Annie has now started dance, so our afternoon soda dates have been cancelled. Cree no longer drives up to the window for his coffee in the morning, he comes in to pick it up. One morning Cree was harassing me about how easy my job was, so I challenged him to make me a cup of coffee. Cree gladly accepted my challenge.
“Want to make this interesting?” Cree asked.
“Why yes I do. What do you have in mind, Captain?”
“If I win, you have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. If you win I will cook Thanksgiving dinner.”
“Wow! Pretty sure of yourself hey? Who said I will be in town?”
“Want to shake on it Dolly?”
I put out my hand to shake Cree’s hand to seal the fate of our bet, and he swiftly pulled me into a full-fledged kiss. Oh, he was a sneaky little pirate! We have kissed on the lips in a quick pecking fashion several times. We hadn’t yet sucked face, mainly due to the lack of privacy in our life. His lips tasted like heaven on mine. My body melted against his and I was instantly lost in him.
I could feel his tongue lurking up and down my lips, so I opened my mouth, letting him in. His tongue explored my mouth with gentle ease. Without thinking, I let out a low moan of approval. I came up for breath in the nick of time, when Iris pulled up to the drive-thru window for her daily cup of Sunshine Mocha. I was extra giggly making her order. Cree leaned back on the counter, crossed his legs at the ankles and folded his arm across his chest to watch me work. He was quite the distraction, and he knew it. Once Iris left the drive-thru, Cree twisted his ball cap so that it sat backwards. He was ready for the challenge. I wanted him to make me a Blended Heaven White Chocolate Mocha. With no instructions, I urged him to get going. I tapped my fingers while he worked away. I was shocked when he actually drizzled the cup with caramel. He had me nervous for a second. The blender was the end of Cree’s short-lived victory. The blender made Cree its bitch. He didn’t snap the lid all the way down, and instead of drinking a Blended Heaven, we wore one!
“Guess I am cooking you dinner this year!”
“Looks like it. Can Lacey come with?”
“Of course!”
He moved in closer and bent down to lick the iced coffee off of my neck. He ran his tongue up and down my skin, stopping to suck on a few spots. I arched my head to the side allowing him easier access. When he lifted his head up, I noticed a chunk of iced coffee on his bottom lip, so I leaned forward and sucked on it. I then followed suit, licking up and down his neck.
“You might have made a mess, but it taste damn good Cree!”
I leaned up on my tiptoes to taste the coffee on his jaw line, making sure to scrape my teeth across his flesh.
“Best coffee ever,” I whispered in his ear, then sucked hard on his lobe. He grabbed my waist and pushed his hardened man part into my belly. I threw my head back and moaned loudly. I ran my hand down his belly and stopped at his hard erection, rubbed it roughly through his jeans. He growled through a clenched a jaw as he watched me move my hand over him. Right when I wanted to strip down bare and let him take me then and there, his cell phone rang. He instantly grabbed it and looked at his caller ID. 
“Worst. Fucking. Timing. Ever! It’s Shawn on the farm. I have to take it Dolly.”I grinned and shook my head up and down. It was probably a good thing we put the brakes on this. I wouldn’t want to be caught having sex in the middle of my shop. He reached down, gave my lips one last lick and then kissed me. He mouthed I will text you as he walked out of the shop covered in coffee, with his trucker hat on backwards.
Me: Thanks for the coffee this morning
Cree: Thanks for letting me have a taste of your coffee
Me: Anytime Captain!
Cree: God! I want you…
Me: Wow! Where did that come from?
Cree: I’ve wanted you since the first day I laid eyes on you
Me: Tell me more Capt’
Cree: I can’t…in a meeting… hard-ons are considered bad business
Me: LOL…so would it be bad if I told you I was naked getting ready to step in the shower to wash off all this sticky coffee?
Cree: You are evil 
Me: Want a picture?
Cree: Fuck Ya I do….
Me: Here ya go!
Cree: You are one evil woman!

(My Way Series #2)
by: HJ Bellus

Lacey’s Story…

Covering up pain is easy. It’s keeping it tucked away that’s hard. I’ve always needed the cover of tattoos to hide the nasty past that leached its way into me, tainting me beneath my skin. 
Not the shiny, trendy tats, but the ugly broken kind, meant to keep the world at bay. If they weren’t enough, then my piercings, foul mouth and crazy hair usually did the trick. Life had taught me to never follow the rules, because when you do, you get burned.
My life was perfectly imperfect until Tripp…
Our relationship is what most would describe as fuel meeting fire. We were both hell bent on burning each other to the ground. Tripp was sexy as hell, a charismatic beast, and soon became one of my best friends. We shared a love of ice cream and tattoos as we blazed our own path that could only lead to a beautiful train wreck. 
The only question left is, will we set the countryside ablaze with our hot tempers and foul mouths? Or will we paint our own happy ending filled with all the gushy shit normal people crave?
(My Way Series #3)

Willow’s story COMING SUMMER 2014!

About the author: 

I’m just a simple girl who loves the country life… Oh yeah, & a good corn dog! Throw in a little Vanilla Ice, and shits bound to get crazy! 
Be Brave! 
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 Email: hjbellus@gmail.com

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- Promo & Giveaway – Love,Lies, & The D.A by Rebecca Rohman

Jada McLean is about to get married in nine days, when she walks in on her fiancé in a little more than a compromising position. Days later, she’s on a trip that she intends to be relaxing and a prelude to her fresh start, when she runs into the rude, obnoxious, but gorgeous Jonathan Kole. 
Jonathan Kole is San Francisco’s newest District Attorney. When he finds himself deeply attracted to a stunning beauty, he has no idea that she’s about to get into BIG trouble with the law—and he’ll be the one presiding over her trial. To make matters worse, his father is the lawyer representing her in the high-profile case. 
When a series of events force them together over New Year’s weekend, Jonathan’s feelings and ethics will come into question, while Jada comes to terms with the fact that she is falling for the man that will be responsible for attempting to put her behind bars… Little do they know, they’re both about to fall into a whirlwind so deep, it will send both their lives spiraling out of control.
We finish lunch and watch a movie and some football, complete with popcorn and soda. When the sun starts its descent, we head to the hot tub. I am a little nervous. I hope I don’t gawk at him again. I slip into a little white bikini, wrap myself in a robe, and head out. 
When I get onto the terrace, I try to ignore the fact that ass-hugging Ralph Lauren trunks cling to every inch of his well-endowed front… and back. He steps into the tub, and after I tear my robe away, he stretches out his hand and helps me in. I have no idea what I was thinking when I agreed to this. I can’t get hot and sexy images of us having passionate sex in the tub out of my head. 
Since Richard and I broke up, my body has craved sexual pleasure in a way it hasn’t before, but this is flipping torture. Sure, I’ve pleasured myself a few times, but there is no substitute for a man who you’re physically attracted to who you know knows all the right things to do to you in bed. Sitting opposite to him, I close my eyes, sit back, and relax. I hope that I don’t give him a clue that while I lie here, I am practically salivating at the mouth and lusting for his sexual pleasure. 
I am just starting to calm down and relax when he raises one of my feet and massages, working his thumbs from around my ankle to the arch of my foot and then my toes. My God, I swear this could be considered foreplay, because what he is doing to me right now causes all sorts of tension to develop between my thighs, along with the tingling sensation that runs down my lower back. 
My goodness. Is he purposely trying to seduce me, or is he completely unaware of what his actions are doing to my body? 
Oh, don’t be naïve, Jada. Of course he knows what he’s doing. He’s made his feelings for you abundantly clear. 
He moves to my other foot, and as he works, a soft moan spurts out of my lips. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this sexually aroused. I try to remember the last time I was with Richard, and nothing comes to mind. Jonathan snaps me back to the present when his hands move from my feet and he works his way up my calf. 
Oh God, that feels good. 
I feel like I’m losing control. I want him to make love to me. I open my eyes, and I’m startled when I find him staring straight at me. He hooks his arms under my thighs and pulls me towards him. The look in his eyes are filled with pure desire. I’m straddling him, and I can feel his erection in the center of my crevasse; just a few thin strips of fabric are between us. 
He folds me in his arms and draws me close to him. My heart explodes between our bodies, and my hardened nipples are against his chest. I lean my forehead against his, and finally our lips touch. He gently braces my head with his palm, and I wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses me again, but this time I part my lips, allowing his tongue to slip into my mouth. I open my mouth wider, letting him deepen our kiss, allowing our tongues to tease and explore each other. My hands roam over his neck, shoulders, and chest. 
His hands glide over my shoulders and down to my back. He draws me closer towards him. Kissing my neck, his hands caress my back, and his fingers inch closer to the ties of my swimsuit. 
Suddenly, I remember that he may very well be the man to ensure that I am sent off to prison. I pull away. My breathing is heavy—so is his. My forehead is still against his. He kisses me on my cheek then my neck. 
“Why’d you have to be the bloody District Attorney?” I whisper. 
“And why’d you have to be a suspect?” he responds.
Rebecca Rohman is a wife and designer currently living in the Northeastern United States. She was a Sales Manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she was involved in marketing for a jewelry company, and later for a fine wine distributor. 
About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel, Uncorked, just to purely herself. It was not until early in 2012 when she decided to complete it and share it entertain with the world. The story was published in February of 2013. Love, Lies & The D.A. is her second novel.

★ Book Blast ★ Burned by S.C Rosemary & S.N. Hawke

Burned (Beautiful Mess)
New Adult Contemporary Romance series 
By S.C. Rosemary & S.N. Hawke
Release date: Feb. 20th 2014
Every girl carries the hope to find the one when she goes on a date. Many a time, the date is disappointing. 
Miraculously one day, the date is amazing and she thinks that she meets the perfect guy. 
But only time can tell what kind of man she is really getting.
So what is she getting?
Ethan Lancaster has everything. He has the sexy body of a demi-god, eyes of prince charming, admission to the top law school and endless supply of dollar bills. Better yet, he is also searching for a girlfriend. Dana Watson needs a boyfriend, regardless she actually wants one or not. The life as she knows is crumbling down and she is running out of time. Failing the college dating games miserably, Dana pushes her limits and finds Ethan. Both have their own secret agendas, but the spark between them isundeniable. Little do they know that secrets can get them burned. 
This is a 3-part New Adult Contemporary Romance series. Approx. 20,000 words per volume. 
*Burned 2 of Beautiful Mess will be released on March 1st, 2014.*

Chapter 1
Everything told me that meeting someone from the internet was a bad idea. I had a feeling that I was going to regret this date tonight. But I was told that a life without regret couldn’t be a fulfilling one. 
Oh heck, I was already a sophomore. It’s about time to make some mistakes. Comparing to my friends,
I already started too late. Plus, I was on a mission-a justified mission. I was looking for a boyfriend. And I 
needed one fast. 
I had never needed something so desperately. For 19 years I had been fine without a guy, until now. Well, life happened. It happened like a giant tornado. Usually around this time, a prince or a ridiculous sex god would fly out of nowhere and save the girl from her torment and kiss her brain out, right? Sadly, that didn’t happen to me. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and look for someone who would be willing enough to be in a relationship with me. After quite a few terrible failed dates with real life acquaintances, I adventured online.
Thinking about my date this evening, I almost forgot his name. What was it again? Right, Ethan. His post on the Internet said: “Looking for a nice girl. Not into the bar scene. Prefer a smart, intelligent lady with adequate manners.” I wasn’t sure if I would fit his description but at least he didn’t mention something crazy. Also, if he was honest about his information, we were both students and actually went to the same university. So I contacted him. We exchanged several emails and he asked me out on Saturday. He even sent me a small blurry photo of himself. I couldn’t make out anything other than that he had hair.
I paced around the parking lot behind my dorm. We said to meet here at 6:00pm. I checked my watchagain. It was 6:02pm. My date was only two minutes late and I was already getting anxious. I took a deep breath and tried to put myself at ease. It was not working. My chest was still tight and my heart was beating against it. I was not in any good condition to meet a stranger from the Internet-so many scary stories came from there. Maybe I went too far this time. I paced around the parking lot again. I didn’t know why I was so nervous. Maybe this guy wouldn’t show up. Maybe I should go back to my dorm and hide in the corner.
Just as I started headed toward the dorm, a shining black SUV finally pulled in the parking in lot.Was it Ethan? I slowed down and glimpsed at the SUV. The door opened and someone stepped down. I stopped completely in awe with just one glance. This guy was hot, capital HOT. He was standing there like a living Michelangelo scripture. He had thick blond hair that reflected the golden sunlight. He was wearing a light blue shirt, matching the color of the early-spring sky. I could make out the perfect outline of his muscles beneath the shirt. I would bet all my part-time job earnings that he had at least a six-pack. My eyes traveled down along his back, taking in the sight of his firm and proportional waist, hip and…oh my Gosh, I blinked rapidly. The hot guy had the car key in his hand. He casually put his fingers in the pockets and looked up. His movements were so mesmerizing. His confidence was unmistakable- he was one of those people who could own any space he stood in. More importantly, this guy could not be Ethan. No guy this hot would end up on an Internet personals ad listing. I was clearly out of his league. I should hide somewhere before I embarrass myself.
Too late. His turned toward my direction and those bright green eyes caught mine instantly. Oh no, I was staring. I grasped for air and forced myself to break eye contact. I turned around trying to walk normal and fought the urge to run. My high heels did not help along.
“Dana?” A sexy male voice called behind me. I could hardly recognize that it was calling my name. The voice was so magnetic. Was it for real? Was it really calling me?I turned around slowly, unsure of myself.
“Hi there,” the hot guy advanced toward me. I didn’t dare to look up at his eyes. But I felt his eyes on me, scanning. My gosh, I hope he wouldn’t tell me that he had an emergency and run off after he took a look at me. “Beautiful dress,” he said. His magnetic voice sent a pleasant wave and went through my body. I was bond by it and didn’t dare to move. 
“Me?” My voice was so small but my eyes were opened infinitely wide. I looked like an idiot with that expression for a whole three seconds. I couldn’t believe my ears- not when such a magnificent guy stood right in front me and was complimenting my dress. I already forgot that I was wearing a dress. I hope this dress did make me look a bit better. It was dark blue with a V-neck. I looked sort of like my history TA, but I was slimmer.
“Yes, you,” he smiled, all the sunshine leaked out of his perfect white teeth. I never knew a hot guy smiling under the sun could look so sexy. I was staring again. Wake up! I reminded myself. I couldn’t keep looking at him and drooling at the same time. I had to be cool. Well, at least cooler. But I had no way to cool down the temperature on my cheeks right now. I had seen hot guys before in the campus. I appreciate them from afar just like fancy displays in the museum- I knew I would never be able to afford the luxury to take the paintings home with me. Now this handsome, charming…Oh, I should I describe him? He was walking and leaking sexiness all the way as he walked up to me. Every inch of his skin and muscles were radiant with androgen. He was getting closer and I had never felt so helpless. Did he enchant me with magic?
“Unless there is another girl around named Dana,” he teased as he walked up to me, stepping in a little too close.
“Well, that’s my name,” I trailed off. I couldn’t believe he was talking to me. I was still staring. I needed to say something. Anything. I gathered my courage. “You are really Ethan?” I heard myself asking. What a stupid question. I could say something much better. But now I was not typing papers on my laptop. I couldn’t just erase what I said. Darn it.
“Of course,” he smiled wider. “Sorry I didn’t send you a current photo,” a witty smile appeared on his face. “But yeah, I am Ethan. The real Ethan.” He opened up his arms and stepped closer, gesturing for a hug.
He was going to find out that I was shaking if he put those strong arms on me. Avoiding the hug, I quickly held out my right hand and shook his hand instead. “Pleased to meet you,” I managed to speak in a steady voice. Ethan narrowed his eyes for a brief moment. I almost regretted not hugging him.
“Nice to meet you, too, Dana,” he squeezed my hand. He looked a bit surprised about my rejection to a friendly hug, but he was not mad. Actually he sounded quite delightful. “You are formal. I like that.”  “You do?” I couldn’t believe my ears again. I looked up and saw his green eyes staring right down at me.
“Mhm.” Ethan gestured the parking lot, pointing at his car. “Ready for our date, Dana?”Not even close to ready. My heart was beating way too fast. I didn’t even know if my brain was filled with water or something. I just couldn’t think. I read a study about boys became stupid in front of hot girls-I wonder if the case was true for me the other way around. 
“Yeah,” I nodded at him, pumping some confidence in myself. He was just a guy-an amazingly hot guy but he was not a scary bear. Why did I have to be so nervous? I could do this.
We walked to his SUV. My eyes were on Ethan earlier so I didn’t pay attention to his car. Now I was up close, I saw he was driving a fancy luxury car. No wonder the car looked so shiny. But why did Ethan
have a car like this? A big question popped in my head. He said he was just a student. How could he afford such an expensive car?
“This ride is okay?” Ethan asked, seeing my hesitation. “I have an Italian collectible sport car but I don’t normally drive it into campus.” He sounded like I was not impressed by his car. But I was more concerned about it.
“You have more than one car?” I looked at Ethan. “You said you are a student…””Law school first year, actually,” he said.
Oh thank goodness he was not some legendary gangster. I sighed in relief and waited for him to explain about the fancy cars, but he just opened the car door for me. Oh, he was the type who opened doors for girls. I smiled at this surprise. What a gentleman!
I peeked inside the car before getting in. I saw the parking permit of our university for graduate students. What a relief, he was telling the truth. He was really a student. I turned to Ethan. I was so shy I couldn’t look him in the eyes, so I eyed his shoulder and thank him with a smile as I got into his car.
In my memory, I never had a record of sitting inside a luxury car. The fancy interior design of the Ethan’s SUV was not something I saw in person and up close. I was unsettled. I was sitting on soft leather seat but my back was stiff. I couldn’t relax. The air in the car smelled like a mixture of genuine leather and jasmine. I thought of an advertisement about a man as hot as Ethan, or less, driving a car with the hood down. And a blonde super-model with shorts and bikini top was sitting next the driver. They were driving toward the beach, toward the beautiful sunset. As they parked the car by the beach, they embraced each other, they drink champagne, kissed and…I did not dare to think further.I knew nothing about Ethan other than he was hot and drove luxury cars. I didn’t even know where we were heading. I should have planned ahead somehow. But how was I to prepare unexpectedly meeting a hot guy from the Internet?
“Um, Ethan,” I cleared my throat.”Yes?” He looked at me with amusement.”I am not trying to be awkward,” I paused. This was awkward. “But I just want to make sure this isn’t a ‘casual encounter’.” Casual encounter was the code for no strings attached hook ups on the classified ad website. There was a whole section for it. Ethan and I briefly mentioned that we were looking for a long term relationship but I didn’t want to take the chances. No matter how hot this guy was.”No,” he answered quite earnestly. “I don’t look for casual encounters on the Internet.” He paused for a second like he thought of something. “This is kind of new to me.” He said in a low voice. I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or thinking out loud. I didn’t know what “this new thing” was to him, but I heard seriousness in his tone.
Whatever “this” was, I hope he was referring to a standard dinner date. I didn’t think I could handle too
much more.
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S.C Rosemary lives in North Carolina. She likes all kinds of mint and has to put some in her tea every day. 
S.N Hawke resides in North Carolina. She likes chocolate but thinks yogurt is becoming her favorite 
snack lately. 

✦ Book Blitz & Giveaway ✦ Guarded by J.D. Rivera

Guarded Review Blitz
Book Title: Guarded 
Author: JD Rivera 
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella 
Release Date: September 17, 2013 

Vanessa Smith has her heart guarded. She’s been married to a man that sleeps around and has made her think she’s ugly and undeserving. Everything changes when she is knocked down by the famous basketball player, Jackson Berrios. A friendship ensues and everything she thought she knew about men turns out to be wrong. Jackson Berrios was out for a run in a new city when he made contact with the beautiful Vanessa Smith. He instantly knew she was different from most girls but can he make her see that he’s different from her cheating husband? 
Guarded ex-2

JD Profile
J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.

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✶ Release Day Event & Giveaway ✶ Fate by Nikki Sex

Fate Release day banner
FATE Cover
Book Title: Fate
  Author: Nikki Sex
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Date:February 26, 2014
How far would you go to get something you really wanted?
Emily Malone has had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Paul, all her life.
Unfortunately, he just sees her as his friend’s little sister.
Desperate and infatuated, Emily resorts to lies and deception.
She only needs one night with Paul, to finally get over this obsessive crush.
But Fate has other ideas. . .
Three time Amazon Bestselling author Nikki Sex writes sexy contemporary romance, often involving a bit of kink. She’s also a sucker for Happily Ever After endings, so no matter how dark her stories get, fear not! It always all works out in the end.
  Am I really going to do this? Emily Malone had gone over her plan a thousand times, maybe more. Should I? Shouldn’t I? The answer was always the same because there really wasn’t a choice at this point. She’d done too much, and come too far not to go through with it. I have to. It’s the only way. She looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize herself. Emily’s normally long, dark brown, wavy hair was recently cut short, straightened and bleached white-blonde. She’d styled it in a wild, uninhibited sort of “just tumbled” look. Not long ago, she wore glasses in an “a la geek” style. Now, colored contact lenses turned her light-blue eyes dark brown. With the addition of silk eyelash extensions, her eyes looked striking. The stranger staring back at her in the mirror struck a pose, further exposing her generous cleavage in that tight red halter. Emily practiced an alluring smile – creating a slutty, eager, “come hither” seductive look. Yes. Perfect! That seemed to be exactly the kind of girl Paul Jarman went for, she mused. He never went out with “nice” girls. He liked experienced, big breasted, naughty girls who put out. He was looking to get laid – not looking for love. There was something about him, too. Every girl seemed to instantly fall in love with Paul, probably because he didn’t commit to anyone. Ever. Well, he won’t want to commit to me either, but who cares? I just want to have sex with him. “The only way to banish temptation is to give into it,” the saying went. She sure hoped it was true. Emily intended to finally scratch that long term, never ending itch of hers. There was a fine line between “hopeful persistence” and “stalking.” Clearly she’d gone well over that line. Hell, she’d literally and metaphorically driven past state borders and even left the country when it came to “crossing the line.” Emily frowned, frustrated by the mystery. How do normal people get over their first love? What she felt for Paul was a bone-deep ache that never went away. Being obsessed with someone was like being caught in Chinese handcuffs, or finger traps. The more she struggled and fought the infatuation, the tighter the cuffs held on. She told herself that if she just had one night of mind blowing, intense, no-holds-barred, toe curling sex with the object of her fixation, then maybe, just maybe she’d finally get over him. Maybe then, she could move on with her life. At least, that was the plan. ~~~ Please God, don’t let him recognize me. Emily stood before Paul, facing him. “Hey, hot guy,” she said in a low, sultry purr. “Where can a girl sit if she wants to join you?” She placed her hands on her waist and crooked a leg in a provocative catwalk model pose. Paul gazed up at her, with interest and amusement sparkling in his light hazel eyes. Those eyes of his had always entranced her. Just now, they looked chocolate brown, but in sunlight or a well-lit setting, Paul’s irises were a beautiful bright green near the pupil. His eyebrows rose into an arch as she looked down at him. The corners of his mouth lifted as a slow smile curled his lips. Emily’s breath hitched when a nearly tangible frisson of attraction passed between them. Before she knew his intent, Paul gave a delighted, low-pitched laugh and swept her onto to his lap. One of his arms lay across her thighs, the other around her back, holding tight to one of her hips. “Oh!” For an empty space of time, Emily stopped breathing. Her mind went blank as every brain cell she had seemed to disappear. Evidently, said brain cells had been replaced by rampant female hormones, all exuberantly singing, “Take me! Take me! Take me!” For a moment, Emily totally forgot the part she was supposed to be playing, as electric jolts of joy and pleasure rolled through her, making her skin tingle. All the years of desire she’d bottled up inside, popped open and exploded, spraying like shaken, uncorked champagne. Was it the alcohol that made her whole body flush and her head swim? Or was it just Paul? She felt drunk, intoxicated by the scent, sight, sound and feel of him. I’m in Paul’s arms! I’m in Paul’s arms! It was a heady experience. He smelled so good. Hot, muscular and male. An all-consuming need for him spiked through her in an instant of sharp arousal. It was as if a bolt of lightning struck her, right between her legs, smack into her womb. Her body heated and pulsed; her breasts ached and her nipples hardened, their taut peaks brushing against her lacy bra. Until that moment she’d been unaware of any friction between the lace and her sensitive nipples. Emily adored Paul when she was a child. He’d always been kind to her, he listened to her, and made her laugh. Then when she became older, and her body became flooded with hormones, she really noticed him. He was tall, and strong and handsome. And he had that sexy smile that somehow made her melt inside. Paul had been the object of her every sexual fantasy – from the first time she ever had a sexual fantasy, for as long as she could remember. Oh man, I want him so bad. “Hey, beautiful,” Paul said, his eyes flaring with unconcealed lust. “What’s your name?” Emily stared at him, frozen into stillness by his intense gaze. The velvet timbre of his voice was deep and so incredibly mellow. It was the same voice that she loved to listen to all of her life – except that now it had a sexy, seductive tone to it. Dazed and aroused, Emily’s lips parted. For a moment she honestly couldn’t recall how to speak. Remembering how to breathe seemed to be problematic, too. There was a long pause while she tried to right her universe that had tilted so dramatically. “Candy,” she replied with a gasp, abruptly remembering the fake name she’d adopted specifically for this occasion. “Of course it is,” Paul murmured with a quick, easy laugh. His eyes sparkled with dry irony. Thank, God! He doesn’t recognize me, Emily thought with relief. But I hardly recognize him, either – not from the way he’s acting toward me. Paul Jarman, the unrequited love of her life was hitting on her! Emily realized that this was “Charismatic, seductive, Paul,” as opposed to “Protective, indulgent, treat-me-like-a-younger-sister, Paul,” that she had grown used to over the years. Charismatic, seductive, Paul was a man that she’d never met before, but holy hell! She sure planned to get to know this Paul better. Intimately, in fact. Emily’s older brother, Reese, was Paul’s best friend. When they were kids, Paul lived on the same street as Emily and her family. Paul had been Emily’s first teenage crush, but she’d never gotten over him. After all those years, throughout everything, Emily’s infatuation for her brother’s best friend had never once wavered. She’d had boyfriends over the years, and wasn’t an innocent, but Paul remained her only love. Now, even after three years without seeing him, the familiar pull of her attraction toward him was still there, stronger than ever. And now I’m in his arms. It was better than any of her countless fantasies. Paul’s eyes narrowed as he studied her, slowly starting at her toenails (which were red from a recent pedicure). His hungry gaze appreciatively slid up her legs, then drank in her torso. Emily’s breath caught, and her nipples tightened when his vision lingered caressingly on her breasts. Finally his eyes stopped and focused on her lips. Was he going to kiss her? Please! Please! Please! Paul’s intense scrutiny made her shiver with a strange combination of apprehension and lust. Signs of Emily’s arousal were obvious to anyone who cared to look. Her skin was flushed, her breathing shallow and rapid, lips parted, eyes wide. She was drunk with arousal. Emily figured that Paul could spot a horny girl a mile away. It was a talent that had served him well, if the rumors about him were true. Just now, he couldn’t miss the throbbing puddle of aching desire sitting on his lap. For what seemed like forever, Emily had concealed her powerful yearning for Paul. How could she hide it now, when the warmth of his body overwhelmed her senses, seeping into her bones, her mind, and soul? But tonight she was Candy, and there was no reason to hide. She wanted him… and she wanted him to know it. Paul stroked her hypersensitive skin with rough fingers, tracing along the contours of her calf, running up past her knee, and boldly moving under her skirt to mid-thigh. Emily’s eyes widened as she became aware of Paul’s interest, in the form of the rigid length of his erection pressed against her hip. His hand moved confidently, calloused and warm. It gripped her thigh with firm possession. Like that thigh belonged to him. Like he owned her. And at that moment, he did. Wow! Buzzed, pliant and entranced by his attention, Emily wanted to melt right into him. “I’m Paul, and this is Jai,” he crooned, nuzzling her neck. “You smell good.” “A pleasure to meet you,” Jai said with a nod. She stared at Paul, devouring him with her eyes. Trying to calm her rapid heartbeat, Emily forced her gaze to Paul’s friend. The man’s ancestry clearly originated from India, but he had a British accent. Maybe he’d been born in the UK? Observing the position of Paul’s hand up her skirt, Jai’s mouth twitched, curving into a knowing grin. His teeth were very white against his dark skin. “Can we buy you a drink, Candy?” “Yes, thank-you,” she murmured. The plan was to limit her replies to breathy, whispered comments, to prevent Paul from recognizing her voice. “A margarita, please.” Paul easily caught the attention of a waitress despite how packed the place was. The woman hurried to his table to take his order, fawning all over him, like a peasant to a king. This was no surprise to Emily. Quarterback and track star with perfect grades, he’d been voted as ‘Most likely to Succeed’ in High School. Paul had always been in command of himself and everyone around him. Where did all that self-assurance come from? Good looks? High IQ? Physical health and fitness? Take your pick. Emily just wished that she had half of his natural, easy confidence. It certainly added to his allure, making him even more attractive. It was as if Paul had a gravity of his own. People seemed to revolve around him like planets, caught up in his powerful magnetic pull. “Hungry?” Paul asked, gesturing to the generous spread of Mexican fare on the table. He spoke with a quiet intensity that made her focus all her attention on him. Emily boldly met his gaze. “Not for food,” she replied in a low voice. She was proud of herself with that answer. Regaining her slutty experienced persona and confirming her interest was important. It was true, anyway. Right now, Emily couldn’t eat a thing – unless it was Paul. He was a feast for her senses. Overwhelmed, she looked away. It was all she could do to sit still. Emily wanted to writhe with nerves. Raw lust roared through her in a steady urgent wave. Her skin, her nerve endings, her entire body was hypersensitive. She longed to kiss him, to lick his hard male abs, and run her hands all over his body. She felt empty, needy and desperate. “Look at me, Candy,” Paul’s voice became forceful and uncompromising. “Eyes on me.” Dazedly, she lifted her head and met his gaze. Candy swallowed, hard. His eyes flared and darkened. Her chest went tight in response. This was Paul, the man she had adored for as long as she could remember. The man she loved, and always would. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do for him… or to him, for that matter! Whatever he wanted. I’m a slave to love, she thought. More like a slave to Paul Jarman. But just then she didn’t care. Emily’s breath hitched when Paul took her hand, and brought it to his lips. Gently he bit the meaty flesh, just under her thumb. Emily was unable to hold back a moan. His sensual lips twitched into an eloquent smile at her response. Paul knew exactly what he was doing. Stroking, caressing, he kissed where he’d caused that sharp bite of sensation. Then he began to play with her fingers, tracing the length of them with his hand and mouth. Sensual and seductive, he teased and toyed with her hand. Just like he was teasing and toying with her. The stubble on his face brushed against her skin and she jerked as a blast of sensation coursed through her like an electric current. God dammit, his every touch was so erotic! A strange roaring began in her ears. She heard a whimper when he pressed his lips to her inner wrist in a soft kiss; it sounded like it came from someone else. Unexpectedly, he licked and then nipped her there. It hurt – but it didn’t. It was so much more than pain. Lightning struck once more, only this time incandescent heat speared in a direct line from her wrist to her feminine core. Holy shit! Liquid warmth pooled low in her belly. Her slick channel clenched and a rush of moisture trickled between her thighs. Emily didn’t think that she had ever been so aroused, and he had barely touched her. Already she was prepared to spread her legs for him right here and right now, on this table, the floor, his lap or wherever he wanted. “Oh, God,” she whispered, mesmerized. Defenseless and exposed, she wanted to avert her face from his knowing eyes, but was unable to look away. Emily had heard of spontaneous combustion, and in the back of her mind she wondered if this is how it happened. The set of Paul’s jaw firmed but his eyes were bright as he examined her in a triumphant, measured gaze. His calloused hand returned to her leg, slowly skimming over her skin, moving higher up her skirt than before. This time, as he gripped her thigh, he stretched two fingers out – so that the tips of them pressed softly against her drenched panties. Candy’s eyes widened and her whole body stilled, absorbing that wonderful erotic touch. Captured and unable to break away, his gaze held hers. There was no escape. Paul moved his magical fingers back and forth, back and forth with a feather light touch along her damp, cloth covered flesh. Her breath began to hitch in little gasps of desire. With a desperate whimper she arched toward him. A low moan escaped her lips as he pressed the cloth of her panties deep into her wet folds. “You’re a needy little thing, aren’t you?” he observed in a soft, seductive voice. His face remained dispassionate while those clever digits of his continued to tease and probe. “Just my kind of woman. I know what you want,” he murmured with husky confidence. “If you’re a good girl, I’ll give you exactly what you need.” Thankfully the waitress broke the spell when she arrived with Emily’s drink. Paul slowly drew his hand out from under her skirt with unhurried, lazy disregard. The man paid not the slightest attention to the sexy waitress, and because he didn’t, somehow neither could she. It was as if there was no one else. They were in this room alone together. With an open stare, he met her gaze. Then he licked the pad of his fingers with slow and thoughtful deliberation. “Very nice,” he said with a playful wink. OhGodohGodohGod! Her cheeks flushed with heat. Emily’s margarita went down quickly. She’d spent months arranging this meeting. Her current persona, Candy, had a full imaginary background, including siblings, a job, a home and even her own email address. Emily had carefully compartmentalized the two personalities. It was the only way she could pull this off. Yet already, she was off balance, confused and lost. Her senses whirled, her breasts grew heavy and between her legs her swollen flesh throbbed. Who was she? Was she still playing a role? Candy and Emily seemed like the same person right now, both burning from a raging tide of desire. Get it together, Emily. Remember the plan. You can do this, and Paul will never know. Paul, Jai and Emily chatted for a while, flirting and doing the “getting to know you dance” that proceeded a night of hot sex. Emily was no virgin, but she was pretty choosy when it came to getting naked with anyone. She’d always enjoyed the closeness of kissing and cuddling as she suspected most women did. Who didn’t have a natural desire for intimacy? For physical and emotional connection? The problem for Emily had always been that no matter who she slept with, or even when pleasuring herself – if she climaxed it was because she imagined being with Paul. “Do you want me, Candy?” Paul whispered into her ear, his hot breath moving over her skin, causing a delicious tingling sensation along the nape of her neck. “Because I want you. Right now.” Staring at her hands in her lap, Emily nervously swallowed. She couldn’t speak. Instead she nodded, almost shyly. She was out of character, but somehow coming across slutty in answer to such a blindingly obvious question just couldn’t be done. Did she want him? Hell, yes! More than she’d ever wanted anything. Emily opened her mouth, but found that she was still unable to answer. How could she reply to such a question when she’d ached for him forever, body, heart and soul? Paul cupped her chin and tipped up her face, gazing at her in a determined expression. Eyes darkening, they captured hers. Emily wanted to look away from such burning intensity, but she couldn’t. A kick of fear and arousal slammed into her as his power and dominance overwhelmed her senses. She felt exposed and vulnerable to his intense, scrutiny. Could he see right through her? “Tell me, Candy,” Paul demanded in a deceptively quiet voice. “I need to hear the words. Tell me what you want.” “I want you.” Her whispered reply was soft and unsteady. “Good girl,” he murmured with a slight smile, as he released her from his penetrating gaze. “I like a woman who knows what she wants.” He laughed then, a light, joyous sound. “Candy. I can’t even imagine anything sweeter than what I have right here in my lap. Can you, Jai?” Paul said, glancing up at his friend. “Jai and I have just come off a boat. Neither of us have enjoyed the company of a woman for a while.” Emily knew that already; she’d been waiting for him. Paul had signed on as crew for a number of small boats, travelling to incredible places, working odd jobs, and doing so many interesting things. She was jealous because he was footloose, and had no responsibilities. But why was he including Jai in his “company of a woman,” comment? Paul’s breath whispered, once more, seductive and warm over her ear. His arms tightened around her. One big palm lightly grazing the outer edge of her breast in lazy, sensual strokes. Emily shut her eyes, overwhelmed by the incredible sensation of it. “Jai and I could make you climax all night long. Are you up for a threesome?” What? Emily’s mind blanked while she processed what Paul said. It took a fraction of a second before she understood, but then she stiffened and her eyes flew to Jai’s face. She couldn’t have been more stunned if a bucket of ice water had been thrown over her. A threesome? Really? God no! Emily was sexually experienced, but not with that kind of experience. For the love of God, how would that work? Her, Paul and Jai, all having sex together? At the same time? Paul wanted that? Yikes! What else did he want? Jai clearly registered her immediate expression of shock and dismay because he chuckled and said in his formal British accent, “I believe that the young lady in question is only interested in you, Paul.” “Candy,” Paul said. She immediately met his gaze, complying instantly and instinctively to his unspoken command. “Jai and I are good together. We know exactly how to please a woman. You have no idea what you’d be missing out on. If you haven’t had a threesome, now is the time to try it.” He stared at her with open lust. Emily swallowed hard. “I’m sorry. Maybe next time,” she paused and added, “or later tonight?” No way, she thought, but they didn’t need to know that. “What I really want is you.” She gave an intentionally light shrug and forced a laugh. “There’s a long night ahead of us. Who knows how it will end?” “Not as experienced as you look, are you, little Candy?” Paul said with a knowing smile. “Never mind.” He grasped her waist and effortlessly set her on her feet. Then he stood up. The bulge in his jeans was impressive. “Do you have a room, or shall I get one of my own?” Candy grinned. “I have a room.” The emotion behind her joyous smile wasn’t forced or fake. Candy and Emily were the same person now. Both desperate, greedy and more than ready. It was liberating not to have to hide her desire, to show Paul how she felt about him – even if he didn’t know that she was Emily. Shifting restlessly, Emily swallowed. Orgasms didn’t usually come easy for her, not without serious foreplay. But just now she wondered if she’d peak screaming, the moment Paul touched her. She was so primed and hot for him. Paul met his friend’s gaze. “Don’t worry about me,” Jai said, surveying the mass of young women in the Cantina. “I won’t be lonely. Send me a text. I’ll come to you, if I’m not otherwise engaged.” Jai’s accent was sexy. The white flash of his grin was boyishly charming. The combination was devastating. Emily knew that the man would hook-up with ease. Paul pulled her body possessively against his, stroked her hair and trailed his hand down to her lower back. His touch was electrifying. Emily took in a deep steadying breath, trying to keep it together until they were alone. Picking up his duffel, he said, “Ready?” There was no mistaking the gleam in his eyes. He fully intended to bury himself deep inside her. Soon. Raw need clawed at her. She shivered with the just thought of it. “Yes, I’m ready,” Emily said. Another understatement. She’d been waiting her whole life for this. Now, it was all coming together. Sex. Scratching her never-ending itch. Getting fucked by Paul Jarman – hopefully all night long. Her strategy was moving along perfectly, exactly as she planned. What could possibly go wrong?

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✶ Book Blitz ✶ Beneath the Surface by Miranda Rae Carter

Beneath the Surface Book Blitz
Review Blitz
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Book Title: Beneath the Surface
  Author: Miranda Rae Carter
  Genre: YA Paranormal 
Release Date: October 22, 2013 
Adolescence hasn’t been fun for Liss Lawrence. And after a year in Vancouver, when she’s finally adjusted to her new situation, a freak car accident sends her life spinning out of control and crashing into the world of the malions, a hidden race silently helping humanity from secret enclaves underground. Liss’s knowledge of the malions endangers her family when Jaredsons Securities takes an interest in her accident. Few know the men of Jaredsons Securities, an international intelligence company specializing in missing persons cases, are actually the Vykhars, ancient malion enemies whose true purpose is the eradication of the malion race. The Vykhars will stop at nothing to discover if Liss is connected with the malions, and if they do, they will exploit her. Perhaps more dangerous still are Liss’s growing feelings for Rion, a strong-willed malion scarred by his encounters with Vykhars and carrying a secret that could destroy their relationship. But Liss has a secret and scars of her own, and Rion’s fiercely protective nature threatens to tear them back open. Can this pair of unlikely lovers survive the dangers of the Vykhars? And can their love survive their own misconceptions?

As my door closed, I rolled onto my side and looked at the bag on the floor again. Rion had put himself, his entire family, and Abby, at risk for me, a complete stranger, and instead of feeling glad to be home, I felt horrible. I took a deep breath and pushed myself up to sitting. It took every bristle of strength I had to get up to walk over to that bag of clothes; not just because of my sore muscles, but because they reminded me of him, and the problems I’d created when I insisted that he let me go. I poured them onto the carpet, sat down beside them, and hugged them as tight as I could. I hadn’t even taken a second to think about what I was doing, it was automatic. I think I was craving some sort of comfort after everything that had happened this weekend, and holding those clothes was like holding onto the part of me I’d left behind. I pulled the clothes closer to my face, and took a deep breath in—they still smelled of him. My heart began to pound. Pine, leather, and that musty underground smell of his world had me roiling inside. It was so strong. I inhaled again, recalling the moment Rion had smiled at me. It wasn’t forced, we had actually connected, and when he carried me in his arms, I felt awkward, but safe…and so warm. I desperately wanted to feel that way again; I wanted to know everything was going to be all right again. And then I heard something crinkle. I ripped open the pile of clothes and found the paper in the pocket of my jeans, and though the letters were difficult to decipher at first, I managed to read his messy, all-capitals chicken-scratch.
I sat there staring at the words, confused, because he said that we couldn’t have any further contact. I read the note again and realized it was the vykhars he was warning me about. I shoved everything back into the plastic bag and opened my closet door. Rion’s scent was all over the clothes, and I needed to find a safe place to store them. In a few months, when everything settled down, I’d put them into a donation bin. I took out an old backpack, shoved the bag in and threw it to the back of my closet. When they were securely covered by three layers of last summer’s wardrobe, and I felt satisfied that they were hidden well enough, I slumped down on my bed. Even though I was completely exhausted, I couldn’t shut my mind off. When I thought about Mom, I had no doubt that coming home was the right decision, but I had no idea how messed up my life would become. Everyone’s life had been put on hold this weekend because of me: my parents missed work and I’d worried them sick, Katherine cut all ties with me, I had driven the best doctor in B.C. into hiding, I still hadn’t faced police questioning, I was apparently going to be watched closely by these vykhars, and, oh yes, I still had to go back to school and face my peers.

Miranda Phoenix-1962

Miranda Rae Carter has lived in British Columbia, Canada, her whole life, and is a self-proclaimed home-bug. She spends most of her time doing what she loves, and that is being a mom and wife–and trying to master the art of cooking. The rest of her time is divided between looking in mouths and writing. For more information on Miranda and her malion novels, visit her on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

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✶ Release Blitz ✶ I’ll Take a Chance by Annalisa Nicole

Amelia Wellington is a quiet, young, successful business woman. Her past relationships have left her with scars so deep she has sworn off men all together. Until that one fateful day she quite literally runs into Doctor Kyle Peters, that is.
Doctor Kyle Peters is a busy young OB/GYN holding on to a tragic past that has torn his family apart, making it difficult for him to give his heart to any woman. But when a beautiful woman crashes into him on a routine day at work, he finds his world turning upside down.
Will Running Into Love be enough for them to find a happily ever after together? Does Kyle have what it takes to heal Amelia’s broken heart and change her outlook on life? Will Kyle’s past result in tragedy as history repeats itself?
When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes you have to run not walk.
I am an “Indie” adult contemporary romance author. I am a wife and a stay at home mom. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 1996. I love being a stay at home mom to our two teenage boys. We have a handful of pets, a dog named Lucy (who is in my books), a guinea pig named Fluffy, (my son spells her name that way) and a cat named meow-meow, who adopted us many years ago and has never left.
I never liked reading as a kid and I only started reading romance novels in the past few years. Soon I couldn’t get enough of them. My Kindle and I are inseparable now. A thought occurred to me in December of 2012 that maybe I could write a romance novel. So I went to work with the encouragement of my husband and my sister-in-law. It didn’t take long to figure out that I really enjoyed writing.
I entered my book in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest in January of 2013. Needless to say my three hundred word pitch didn’t even make it through the first round. My book never even got read. So now what do you do with a 50,000+ word book? With more encouragement by my wonderful family I decided to self- publish it. So here I am today a self- published author. It has been a lot of hard work but I wouldn’t change a single thing.
It has not been an easy road and there has been a lot of self- doubt, but I stuck with it and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve been blessed to have been put in contact with some amazing people that have supported and encouraged me every step of the way.
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- Promo, Teaser, & Giveaway – Arianna by Savannah Stewart

Arianna Blog Tour Banner

Arianna Moore is one half of the female rock duo, The Daughters of Darkness. She has walls built up around her heart that are taller than any skyscraper. But when an unexpected gig throws her and Jayde Kimberland a deal of a lifetime, Arianna finds herself intertwined with the rock star bad boy, Bryden Rowe, who leads the platinum selling rock group, From Yesterday. His reputation isn’t the best and she doesn’t want to be another notch on his belt.
Will she be able to keep those walls firm in place or will Bryden be the one to finally knock them down?
When the past comes knocking on both their doors, emotions run high, and tensions run even higher. Will they be able to break past all the barriers and find comfort in one another or will it only last while on the road?
Blog Tour Teaser   1
Blog Tour Teasre   2
Savannah Author   Pic
I am very much a Leo, I currently don’t have any children, but my dog Jack might as well be one! I’m a Book-a-holic who loves music, tattoos, photography, singing, acting, writing, & laughing. One of my favorite quotes is “Love is the beauty of the soul.” Hopefully one day I will be able to travel to all the places I am dying to see!! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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- Promo & Giveaway – Parker’s Past by Regina Frame

Title: Regina Frame
Author: Regina Frame
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: November 11, 2013

Parker Beaumont is known for his playboy lifestyle and womanizing ways. After his parent’s failed marriage, he vowed never to fall in love. Love destroys people and sometimes they don’t recover. Sometimes they don’t come back.

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My name is Regina Frame and I live in Alabama with my husband and three dogs. I’ve always had a love for animals and I work with charities to help raise money for homeless pets. I’ve been known to carry food in my car and stop on the street to feed an animal. I recently rescued a severely abused dog after trying for two months with no success. He now lives with me and my husband and he is happy and healthy today.

I’m an avid reader of romance and erotica novels, and recently released my own. Saving Chloe is part one of a trilogy which was released September seventeenth. Parker’s Past is book two, which was released Nov. 30, 2013. The final book “Family Secrets” will be released early 2014. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me.

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- Cover Reveal – What If by Bayli Lane

by: Bayli Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance

For some people falling in love was a happy, glowing experience. For Briar Kelly and Arrow Donovan it was more like getting hit by a freight train.
Caring for one another was never an easy feat. They constantly fought to hold their feelings inside, not wanting to jeopardize their friendship. Then, Arrow left for the Marines, and everything changed. Briar was shattered. Arrow was hurt.
While Briar told herself she’d never let another man affect her in such a way, Arrow still remained in the forefront of her mind. For Arrow, his memories of Briar kept him alive in both of his near death experiences. When Arrow’s demons threatened to drag him under, Briar was there, pulling him from the darkness.
“What ifs” keep piling up while resentment and redemption battles continue; will Briar and Arrow be able to find their happily ever after, or will this be one war that Arrow can’t win?

Release Date: MARCH 2014

Cover Desinger: Eden Crane Design

Photographer: ©MaeIDesign</ span> 

Cover Models: Ripp Baker and Laurel Marie

Bayli Lane
Bayli Lane didn’t realize how much she loved creating a world from nothing until college. She went to Marian University where she majored in Communications but in her spare time wrote and read. Her love for reading is what really brought out her desire to create her own novel. After starting loads of stories and not finishing them, she finally decided it was time to put her passion to work. Bayli lives with her husband, Tim, in Indiana where she is probably sitting with a large cup of coffee and her computer working on her next book.

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